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Customised Gift Boxes

Why Customised Gift Boxes?

Pens, scales, notepads, watches, crayons goft box

Bring out the magic of your brand alive.


Our team of experts bring a strategic mindset to customised gift boxes along with product selection, creative packaging, and simplified logistics.


Amplify the impact of gifting with customised gift boxes for every occasion, festival or event.

We got you.


Stand apart from the competition by building meaningful customised boxes for your clients.


Nothing says ‘welcome aboard’ than a well-curated new employee gift box.


Build a high brand recall value with gift boxes that remind your prospects of you and your business.

Channel partners
Channel Partners

A satisfied and content channel partner drives business like no one. Manifest it with our channel partner gift boxes.


A well-curated gift box can win you the vote of opinion leaders and social media champions and help in generating new clients.


Make your brand experiences last longer with a takeaway kit after every event, festival or occasion.

Chanel partner gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Pendrive

  • Thermosteel Bottle

  • Duffle Bag

  • Mouse Pad

  • Laptop Sleeve

Travel gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Passport Cover

  • Duffle Bag

  • Portable Umbrella

  • Water Bottle

  • Hand Towel

Health gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Energy Bars

  • Fitness Bands

  • Face Masks & Shields

  • First Aid Kits

  • Self Care Kits

New business gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Backpack

  • File Folders

  • Table Top Accessories

  • Coasters

  • Calendars

Festive gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Pooja Thali Set

  • Dry Fruit Box

  • Home Decor

  • Candles

  • Food Hampers

Employee induction gift box

Ideas to include:​

  • Paper Weights

  • Caps

  • Lunch Box

  • Tshirts

  • Alarm Clock

Looking for ideas?

What all goes in your gift box?

A guide to making perfect customised gift boxes.
How to start?

The process of curating a customised gift box starts with the objective of gifting and knowing the receiver and their needs. Our team of experts bring in-depth research, creatives and unmatched logistic solutions to make that happen. Connect with your target audience by offering the best customised gifts that they will cherish forever. Our team will be there to assist you at every step to make you understand the process and timelines associated with it

Occasion for a gift box
Step 1: Determining the occasion or the event

Every festival or event is different in terms of celebration and the significance associated with it. We will curate a theme or concept as per your company offerings and help you in shortlisting a detailed objective for this exercise.

Step 2: Selection of the products

After understanding the objective of the gifting, a detailed design deck is prepared that highlights the number and types of products that can go in the gift box.

Select products for gift box
Branding on products for gift box
Step 3: Branding of the products

It is imperative at this stage that branding is decided in terms of print, embroidery, etching or wrapping sheets. Every product needs to be unique to stand out from the regular offerings.

Step 4: Sampling of the products

Depending on the number of gift boxes and quantities of the products, a pre-production sampling chart is prepared. The number of products to be sampled, their branding, and packaging are decided at this stage.

Sampling of the products
Approval or the pre production samples
Step 5: Approval of the pre-production samples

Once the pre-production sample is approved, we go ahead with mass production and purchase of the products.

Step 6: Bulk packaging

After the final production, the products are wrapped as per their size, fragile quotient and delivery destination. Special packaging material and eco-friendly packaging materials are also available as per the respective company policies.

Bulk packaging
Special touch ups
Step 7: Special touch-ups

Hand-tags, stickers, ribbons, envelopes, custom inserts, custom tapes, stamps, fillers, wrapping papers and many other such packaging accessories are also available to highlight the brand recognition and establish a high aesthetic value of your customised gift boxes.

Step 8: Fitting it all together

We try and minimize wastage in terms of material and space when it comes to the final packaging. Custom boxes are also an option if the products are required to be boxed in a certain way. These boxes can be basic or printed in 2 or 4 colour branding options.

Packaging for gift box
Warehousing and shipping of goft box
Step 9: Logistics and warehousing

Once the gift boxes are ready for dispatch, they are scheduled for delivery with the best delivery partners. From door-to-door deliveries to single-location delivery, or national to overseas deliveries, our delivery partners are equipped with all the resources for a smooth, quick and simplified delivery.

You have now successfully created a gift box
Step 10: Congratulate yourself. You are now equipped to make a customised gift box.
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